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Does anyone know if anaemia can affect eyesight?

Is anaemia bad for eyesight? What are the bad influences on eyesight because of anaemia?
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  • emily_109


    According to my knowledge, there are many symptoms of anaemia. Anaemia is the second leading cause to disability and one of the most serious problem happened all over the world. Anaemia will make you feel tired, sleepy, weak, which is the most common feeling of anaemia patient, and also the earliest stage of anaemia. Up to now, I didn't find any existing saying that anaemia will impact eyes. Usually it will only cause temporary blur vision and faint feeling. I am myself also suffering from anaemia too. If anaemia is serious, it makes our skin pale and impacts our cardiovascular system, respiratory system, central nervous system, digestive system and genital system. You can see how bad it can cause to our body. For my feeling, it is very easy to get tired and distracted. Take good rest and seek help from doctors. Do some proper exercises to make your body strong. Hope both of us could be better soon!
  • Marissa george


    As far as I concerned, anaemia is bad for eyesight indeed. Anaemia is the term used for abnormally low levels of hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood. Blurred vision is just one of anaemia symptoms, there are still many signs which are related to anaemia. For instance, feeling of tiredness, lack of stamina, pale skin(the most obvious symptom), lack of energy and dizziness. By the way, I wanna refer to causes of anaemia, that is, lack of nutrition and a balanced diet are one of the key reasons that result in anaemia. Here I recommand, which is a hot site offers much information about anaemia and eyesight.