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One good eye and one blurry eye after the lasik surgery?

So I had Laser Eye Surgery yesterday,but it didn't work well on me.Because I have one good eye and one blurry also hurts a lot. I am very scared and nervous today. How does this happen? what can I do?
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  • walkinpaperdoll


    It is normal that one eye gets blurry. During the recovery time, it is possible that your vision is blurry in one eye or in both eyes. In that case, don't keep the blurry eye closed all the time.Or your eye will get droopy.If you are very worried, talk to your surgeon and he will give you some advice.
  • Makayla raphael


    You'd better go back to your doctor and tell your problem to him, maybe he will carry on a second surgery on you.Don't be nervous about that, it is useless for you to be worried about that, only your doctor can solve your problem.Maybe the surgery isn't carry on as successful as you expected, maybe someother causes.
  • cody88


    If the pain is slight and bearable,there should be no big deal and would be fine in several days.But if it is acute,it can be serious.You need to go back to your surgeon and have an exam.Maybe the surgery is not successful.