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What happens if i put my contact lens inside out?

This is my first time to buy and wear contact lenses. And an optician told me do not wear my contact lenses inside out. But right now, i just wonder what will happen is i put my contact lenses inside out?
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  • ebbainthesky


    If you put your contact lenses out inside your eyes, your eyes will feel uncomfortable because the retina will breath the oxygen through the surface of the contact lenses. You'd better not do this. Or else, the outside contact lenses may rub your eyes which may let your eyes get red.
  • carminerobert


    Of course, you won't get an comfortable wearing if you put the contact lenses inside out. Or maybe the contact lenses will slip up from your eyes, too. But it won't effect your vision if you the contact lenses still on you eyes. Anyway, you shall keep good habit of wearing contact lenses for a comfortable vision. So, if you know you have put your lenses inside out, you shall replace it again to wear the contact lenses right. Thanks.