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Are artificial tears bad for my eyes?

I always feel dry eyes. So, i bought a bottle of eye drops. Will using too much artificial tears bad for my eyes?
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  • walkingalone123


    Yeah, the eyedrops will absolutely contain a lot of medical things. If you feel dry in the eyes after the use of computer for a long time, you can use the eyedrops to release the symptom for a while. However, if you use the eyedrops too many times a day, it will not be good for your eyes. You'd better eat something with Vitamin C to make the eyes moisture.
  • Tyler george


    Artificial tears are also known as eye drops. Usually, there are two types of eye drops: prescribe eye drops using for treat some eye diseases and heath care eye drops. But no matter which types of eye drops you were use, you shall not use it too much and too often. Or it is bad for your eye healthy.
  • rommel abad


    No, it would not cause that in your case, but it would change your vision if using it on a long-term basis, and the side effects are eye pain and irritation. Artificial tears are lubricant eye drops that are used to treat dry eyes. It is caused by a reduction in natural teat production and is characterized by redness, itching and irritation. It mainly contains saline, water and a number of preservatives. People typically use artificial teats by placing two or three drops of the product in the corner of the eyelid. Eyes can be lubricated frequently by rolling them from side to side and blinking a few times.