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How to relieve eyes burning after eyelash extensions?

After using eyelash extensions, my eyes feel burning. I feel really bad. Can you tell me how to relieve this burning eyes?
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  • Striker


    Well, yes, eyelash extensions can just lead to burning eyes in some cases. Generally speaking, for eye lash extension, it can be harmful for your eyes. In common, when we use eyelash extensions, we have to put them directly into the natural eyelash with a bonding agent. And you should know that the bonding agents and glues are made of chemicals. In that way, they can be irritants and cause discomfort and potential eye damage in severe cases. And in some cases, burning eyes, just like you, will occur. For your situation, I will suggest you take off the eyelash extensions. And then have some cool cucumber under your eyes. In that way, it will relieve your situation. Also, eye drops can be used too.
  • Bruce Robot


    I am sorry to hear that. Fake eyelashes are my daily cosmetic items. The suffering of burning may have been caused by multiple reasons, but the common ones must be the incompletely discharge makeup and the poor quality, leading to a blocked eyelash follicle. Further, it will also cause blepharitis, which is a condition of the eyes with possible infection. If you leave events to take their own course, you eventually find the lashes to become thinner and sparser. Well, a warm compress on the eyes and lid scrub can relieve your suffering prior to seeing the eye specialist immediately. Besides, after your recovery, you need ensure the production date of your eye makeup products and learn to complete remove your mascara and eye glues before you go to bed. Using special eye make-up remover are great for your sensitive eyes, and lancome,loreal, guerlain are the best brands that I have ever found.


    Oh, that sounds bad, for eyelash extensions or mascara will give rise to some infections if things get wrong. Anyway, you have to flush your eyes with some normal saline shortly after you stop using them. And you will be required to get anti-biotic eye drops to disinfect your eyes. Also, good rest is required for you. What matters most is to protect your eyes from every aspect.
  • Christopher dale


    Eyelashes help protect the ocular surface from dust and other foreign bodies from getting onto the ocular surface. They are our primary line of defense for foreign bodies getting to the eye. Nowadays, a lot of people suffer serious injuries such as chemical burns and infections as a result of the surging popularity of eyelash extensions. It was the glue used and your eyes went red and burning. The only thing that will relieve this is to stop having lashes. Moreover, if you need to wear eyelash extensions, you need to make sure its not a loose eyelash or maybe two or three stuck together. If you still feel burning, you need to use some eye drops prescribed from your eye doctor. Hope this helpful.
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