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Alexa joyce


Should I choose anti-reflective coating on my computer glasses?

Should I choose to add anti-reflective coating on my computer glasses? This is the first time I order online, their customer service person adviced me to add that.
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  • Jonathan griffin


    Yes,it is better for you to choose anti-reflective coating which is much helpful in reducing computer radiation .Last time, I bought prescription glasses online the customer service person also suggested me add anti-reflective coating which can reduce the reflection of light, enhance the light transmission through the lenses, is particularly good for people who long time work in front of computers.
  • James green


    Yes, computer glasses must have anti-reflective coating so as to protect the eyes from reflective lights from computer screen. So, before you order the glasses, you should ask the sellers is the computer glasses are made of anti-reflective coating lenses. If yes, you needn't add anti-reflective-coating. If not, you have to choose anti-reflective coating so as to give your eyes better eye protection.