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Allison smith


Are computer glasses good enough to help me see clearly and release headaches?

I spend all day in front of the computer screen working, i wear glasses which i think are distance glasses. Over the year my vision has gotten slowly worse and now i've been getting insane headaches, feeling tired/dizzy, going cross-eyed when focusing on the computer. I've been looking into getting new glasses but i am wondering, would using computer glasses be best for me instead of distance glasses?
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  • Christopher carter


    You need to see an eye doctor and have an eye exam to make sure your vision problem is about the distance or only when seeing the computer screen. If your eyes have gotten worse and you need a higher prescription for seeing distance, then the distance glasses are needed . If your having a hard time focusing on the computer but good for walking around, you might need computer glasses.
  • Hunter jackson


    It is hard to say. Computer glasses are made to help people who spend a lot of time on computer work. The reading glasses can not only protect the eyes from reflective lights from computer screen, but also can correct vision if buy computer glasses according to your prescription. If you can't see clearly because of your poor vision, computer glasses surely help you see clearly. As for your headaches, you should know what causes it. Is it is by the long time spend on computer, computer glasses may help you release it to some extend but can't cure it. Anyway, you need a rest.
  • lena adams


    if you wear glasses on a regular basis, these should be just fine for your computer. you can get your glasses with a anti glare for this purpose. check with your eye doctor for any correction needed before you buy a pair

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