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Andrea taylor


Should i wear glasses when playing on computer?

I'm short sightedness(difficulty seeing far) and a gamer. I only wear my glasses when i find it necessary, but my mom keeps on bugging me to wear my glasses when im on the computer or other stuff. Please i want a non-bias awnser if i should wear my glasses when im on the computer.
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  • Alexander cecil


    If you can't see your computer screen clearly without your glasses, then you should wear your glasses in case your vision get worse. If you don't wear glasses when on the computer, you may get eye strain and then your vision will get even worse.So take your mother's advice.
  • Michael?


    Although the answer is up to you. But you are suggested to wear glasses. Wearing your glasses, you will have more clear vision that you won't try to focus your eyes, thus you see the computer easily. Besides, if your glasses have anti-reflective coating, that could be better because they can also protect the eyes from tricky reflective lights from computer screen. So, wearing glasses can release your eyes from eye strains. Why not ?