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How to tell if fossil sunglasses are real?

I want to buy a pair of fossil sunglasses. Can you give me some advices on how to judge if the sunglasses are real fossil sunglasses and fake?
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  • Tyler charles


    To spot the fake fossil sunglasses, there are many tips you can follow. For example, you can check the label, which can be written with the place where they are made. For fossil sunglasses, it can be written with "made in italy". Also ,you can check the warranty. And because Fossil sunglasses range from $25 to $74., so it the price is too expensive, it can not be real ones. In the final, you should know that Not only is the larger sunglass better protection for the eyes, it also provides needed protection for surrounding tissue. Fossil sunglasses offer hours more comfort for those exposed to extensively bright light. So maybe you can have a try.
  • elstrider


    To check if they are real fossil sunglasses, you should be careful to check the sunglasses before you buy. Usually, there are sliver engraved with the word "Fossil" on the sunglasses. Besides, you shall feel the exterior of the fossil sunglasses and evaluate if they are made with in good quality. fake fossil sunglasses usually made in bad quality. Hope this help you.
  • walkentall


    Well, a lot of people have the same question with you, and I quite understand how you feel. So, my advice for you is that, before you finally pay for the good, you should ask for the certificate of production, as well as the quality assurance, or warranty. The best strategy is to contact their customer service department to ask for help. They can give you professional instructions to tell its authenticity.
  • Bob Witek


    If the fossil sunglasses are real, you may see the brand print on the frame is in the smooth print mark. You can touch it with your fingers to feel. And from the label, you can check the number from the telephone or other ways to prove its realness. In addition, you can observe its details, such as the balancing character. If it is fake, all above ones may have wrong in one side.