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Barbara Mellon


Can i wear basketball goggles?

I am good at basketball and I am planning to join in a new basketball team. I need some suggestions on my glasses, cuz my eyes are not at good vision. Which one should I choose when I am on the playground, basketball goggles or contacts? I heart that goggles are uncomfortable and unstylish while contacts can cause eye dry and itching and cannot prevent my eyes from getting hurt.
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  • Minaxi Patel


    In fact, some NBA players still choose basketball goggles when they are on the playground because basketball goggles not only provide protection from injury, but can also with your prescription fitted in them. Even if you are not at good vision, it still will help you see the ball one second sooner, or help your aim by a fraction of an inch. I think the outlook doesn't matter that much if you have the masterly skills and good exertions. For contacts, they are really easily to get your eyes hurt by the heavy strikes and scraching, it is not recommended for professional players.
  • Cary Green


    Contacts would be my choice, for it is convenient and light.

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