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Mark Burns


can I turn glasses into sunglasses?

I saw a friend of mine wear regular eyeglasses frame but the color of the lenses is brown just like the lenses in sunglasses, is that OK? Can I also turn mine into sunglasses?
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  • Bob Witek


    Of course, you can. Two says to convert your eyeglasses to sunglasses. You can add a clip-on to your eyeglasses so that you can turn down the clip ons to prevent you from UV rays and strong light. You can also choose to tint your regular lenses and make it a pair of sunglasses.
  • catchingthought


    Yes, you can get that eyeglasses. And according to your description, it must be tinted eyeglasses with brown tinted lenses. If you want it, you can buy a pair of tinted eyeglasses, too. Besides, you can choose any colors of lenses tint as you like such as black, brown, grey, blue, purple, and pink etc. If you want to get affordable and quality tinted eyeglasses , i recommend you go some online eyeglasses shop such such Just go ahead. Good luck.
  • Zoe Wang


    Yes,u definitely can.U may have heard that there r some kind of coating that is designed for helping people to turn glasses into sunglasses.U must realize this.But,I have also heard that glasses that added with uv coating can not work as well as sunglasses do.I can understand this.At least sunglasses r made for rotecting eyes from uv rays from the sun however ur glasses r designed for protecting ur eyesight.
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