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My myopia degrees are below 50, can they restore themselve?

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  • Rvyout


    Generally speaking, myopia degrees are that under 50 belong to pseudomyopia, which can restore. For example, you can eat more selenium foods in your daily diet, as well as foods rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and protein.
  • Xopiuy


    Actually, in my opinion, such degrees are pseudomyopia, which can be controlled within the scope, if you can go to the professional hospital and consult the advice of doctors for maintenance and mediation, it is likely to restore normal eyesight.
  • Simiu


    Of course you can. My son was pseudomyopia of 100 degrees one year ago, we asked the professional doctor for advice. He said that suitable eye exercises, regular examination, daily protection and enough vitamin B can work well.