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Can my eyeglass frame be recovered after deformation?

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  • Jicket


    What material do your eyeglasses have? Actually when adjusting the TR90 frame, it is necessary to adjust the size.You can use a hair dryer to blow the temple arms first, and be careful to move the hair dryer to avoid over-heating.
  • Haviad


    I would like to make a suggestion here. If it has been serious deformed, it is less likely to recover because the repair is quite difficult and the technical requirements are very high during the adjustment process.
  • Peter


    Frames will inevitably deform when worn for a long time.You can go to the local eyeglasses shop, where they have the service of adjusting eyeglasses frames. However, if the deformation is serious, I suggest you get a new pair of glasses, because the deformed frame will cause damage to eyes.