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Christian edward


Does Sport Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes?

I want to know if Sport Sunglasses can protect your eyes from dust or pollen.The most important thing that I want to know is does sport sunglasses prevent pollen getting into your eyes.
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  • Caleb leonard


    Sport sunglasses can prevent wind blowing your eyes directly. So the dust or pollen can hardly get into your eyes.The sport sunglasses can protect your eyes from being hurt by the particals.So you just feel ease to wear sport sunglasses.
  • Richard


    Well, it seems that you are a little big allergic to pollen, therefore you should be very careful while having outdoor sports anyway. As a matter of fact, some sport sunglases do have got the ability to protect our eyes from dust or pollen, as well as sunshine. Some local optical store might not have got them, so you should try to visit a professional outdoor tools shop. Or, you should try to visit some websites such as Amazon or Alibaba, where all kinds of sports sunglasses are available. Hope you find what you need.