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Ryan clive


Is it ok to use sport sunglasses when I play ball?

My eyes can't see things clearly if the light is so bright because my eyes are sensitive to bright light.Can I wear sport sunglasses when I play ball?
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  • Elijah joyce


    Personally,if you have perfect sight,you don't have to wear sport sunglasses when you play ball because the sweat can be annoying. If your eyes are sensitive to bright light, it is ok to wear the sport sunglasses which can help you see more clearly.The polarized lenses are usually uesed for sport sunglasses because these sunglasses help reduce the glare and prevent harmful light getting into your eyes.
  • Joseph campbell


    It seems that you want to have sports with better protection of your eyes. So, it might be wise for you to wear a pair of sports sunglasses while having sports. But if the sports involved harsh body contact, I suggest you not do so because it is dangerous. And maybe your sunglasses might be broken if not careful enough. So, try to avoid playing ball games in a sunny day.

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