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What are plano sunglasses? Are plano sunglasses suitable for me?

Dose that mean the prescription on your sunglasses is zero? BTW, I have good eyesight, can i wear plano sunglasses?
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  • Chenely, L


    plano sunglasses means Non-prescription sunglasses which are universally popular among those who pursue fashion trade or an outdoor worker who needs the ultimate in sun and UV protection.
  • b3l0ng524nna


    Well, I can see that you know little about plano sunglasses. Anyway, there are various kinds of sunglasses in terms of functions. And plano sunglasses means that they are non- prescription, which means they could not correct your vision, but they could well protect your eyes from harmful lights. Of course you could wear plano sunglasses if your eyesight is good. Just consult the salesperson when you buy sunglasses at stores.