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More Added Coating To My Lenses Will Be Better?

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  • Locus


    Most of us will hesitate to consider what coatings to choose while buying glasses. However you should know what functions you really need. For example, the scratch resistant coating, it can protect the lenses from damaging which can further protect your eyesight and help to ensure clearer vision; then the anti-reflective coating can eliminate the harsh light brought by digital devices such as computers and relieve your eyes.
  • Cattier


    After selecting frames and the type of lenses you want for new eyeglasses, you should decide if a lens coating is right for you. Generally speaking, the scratch resistant coating is the most common choice, as for anti-reflective coating, it can eliminate harsh glare on lenses which also gives better vision for night driving, especially for truck driver like me, it can improve safety.
  • Nioliter


    Of course not, but I will choose anti-reflective coating for lenses, because it can eliminate annoying glare on your lenses and reduce the reflections caused by computers and mobile phones. Moreover the anti-fog coating has been first choice in winter, you can pick it while purchasing glasses.