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Caleb lester


Is it unhealthy to wear contact lenses since it does not allow your eyes to breathe?

Alright, so we all know that contact lenses does damage to our eyes to some degree. No matter what advertisements say, something that's constant touching the most sensitive part of your exposed body is obviously unhealthy. I'm 14 this year and i really need contacts. My glasses are extremely annoying and unfashionable, but I'm scared to get contacts. I don't know how i'll be able to put something into my eyeball. and how to pinch back out without assistance. I don't know how i will accept the fact that something's sticking to my eye all the time. I need to know what are the long term side effects of contacts lenses, what damages it does to the eyes, and how healthy they are. Are there eye diseases related to contact lenses. And no, i'm talking about wearing CLEAN lenses. Not like dirty lenses cuz i know you can get infections from that. Anything important about contact lenses would be helpful to me please. i want them so bad but i need over come the fear first. thanks.
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  • Marissa fergus


    Wearing contacts improperly will make it easy to develop a serious eye infection. Contacts may also cause dry eye so that tear fluid production decreases. Then your eyes will feel dry just like there is something in it, which make you feel uncomfortable. Some people even develop a real severe dry eye that makes wearing contacts impossible. However, they're actually pretty safe nowadays. The new ones 'breathe' allowing air to get into your eye in a better sense.