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Samuel griffin


How dangerous is wearing contact lenses if you are a hospital employee?

I think there is an increased risk of catching some sort of eye infection particularly if the hospital is uncomfortably hot and its air is dry. Furthermore, the modes of transmission of communicable diseases is apparent with patient-staff interaction, which includes person-to-person (eg mucous, respiratory droplets, fluids/semi-fluids of enteric origins, and so forth), or person-to-object-to person. Is there any numerical data, or study that has been conducted that suggests an increased risk of hospital employees who uses contact lenses developing nosocomial eye infections?
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  • Alexandria scott


    Just keep hands clean at any time. What's more important, you should wash your hands to keep them clean before you start to touch your eyes. Then you are much as safe as those without contacts. If you have good hygiene, it's not a problem to wears contacts and work in a hospital.
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