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cathy zbuska


switching from glass lens to plastic

I am nearsighted -5. I've recently had to switch from glass zeis lens to plastic because zeis is no longer allowed to sell their titanium lens here in the usa because the FDA has decided they are not safe. I recently had my eyes checked and found that my vision had improved slightly, 3 steps, but I couldn't get glass lens any more. I picked up my new glasses (plastic lens) last week and noticed that I was having trouble seeing with them. Road signs and any words written on the TV screen are blurry almost to the point of being double vision. My optometrist tells me there is a difference between glass and plastic lens and that my brain has to get used to them. She says it will take at least a week. She also tells me I can't switch back and forth from the old to the new lens that it will confuse my brain. Is what she telling me correct or was my prescription messed up when the new lens were made? I've never heard of it taking this long to get used to new lens.
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  • Wenni


    If you wear glass zeis lens for a long time, it will take some time to get used to plastic lens. The transmittance of glasses lens is better than plastic lens.