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Why do eyes tear up for no reason?

Do you guys know that why my eyes tear up for no reason? What causes that?
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  • classiccarguy89


    Don' t worry, it is not that bad. It is just caused by your tear glands which usually produces excessive tears. But I think this mostly happens when something gets into your eyes by accident. It is really kind of normal, you need to relax your intense feelings. And it only costs you a few tears, just calm down, everything will be fine. Although some people take it as an eye infection, I don' t think it is that serious. Well, if you still feel worried, you may go to an eye doctor.
  • walkwithme21


    It is impossible to get tearing eyes without reason. Your eyes may get some trouble. Usually, the common causes of tearing eyes are tired from seeing computer screen or reading book. If so, it will be OK after having a good eye rest. If not, your eyes may caused by some eye problems such as eyelid inflammation, ectropion, hay fever, ingrown eyelashes as well as pink eyes. If this happen, you'd better treat your eyes immediately with some antibiotic eye drops. Hope this can help you.
  • Rebecca


    It is normal for your eyes to tear up. However, if your eyes tear up very often, you need to pay much attention to them, since there might be some problem. Generally speaking, if the eyes were stimulated by the cold air or wind, there will be more tear. Here I still suggest you to see a doctor firstly.
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