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Why does my eye squeak when i blink?

Do you guys know why my eye squeaks when I blink? Is it normal?
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  • Mort


    When you feel this, your eyes are trying telling you that they are too tired and they need a rest. Also, they are too dry, and they need to be moisture. However, in a worse situation, I think it means that you are getting a sinus infection. It just occurs to a lot of people and you don' t need to worry too much about this. Take a deep breath, and try to get your eyes a enough rest every day to see if this situation will get better. If still worse, go to have your eyes checked.
  • David Safir


    Usually, this may happen when you are tired and suffered from dry eyes. I was suffered from it too. Just getting some eye drops to lubricate your eyes, and take a break for your eyes. It will be OK. I know that may be weird to blink with squeak. But usually, it is not harmful. But if you also suffered from redness, itch and pain in your eyes, you'd better consult a doctor because it may caused by eye infection or some serious eye diseases. Best wishes to you.