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Alex Smith


Help Urgent !!!

My Pupillary distance is right eye 31.5mm and left eye is 30.5 from Specsaver. My prescription is Right eye: Spere -4.25, Cyl: -1.25; Axis: 165 and Left eye: Sphere -4.50; Cyl: -1.00; Axis:10. But my online glasses maker can only make single pd of 62mm. That is left eye 31mm and right eye is also 31mm. so there is a difference of 0.5mm pd difference each eye. will this harm my eye? I have premature wrinkle due to my broken glasses arm which tilted the lens and lens I'm tired and cause me to have sign of premature forehead wrinkle now I have read this could be dure to wrong prescription and hence cause muscle around eyes work too harm. in my cse could be due to my broken glasses frame arm and hence lens not positioned correctly.. so I concern this 0.5mm pd difference will this cause me tried muscle around eye again can cause permanent and more premature wrinkle? And also harm my eyes?
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  • Erin


    Theoretically, the 0.5mm pd difference will not do harm to your eyes. However, you can find some online maker which can process the eyeglasses with your precise prescription just like Firmoo allows you to enter the right pd and left pd separately while placing an order. Then they will process the eyewear according to your left pd 30.5 and right pd 31.5 instead of just a single pd 62mm. Moreover, the premature wrinkle is nothing to do with your broken glasses. it just a natural thing. Or maybe you skin creases in a long time, and it will cause premature wrinkle. Hope this helpful.
  • enigma_g


    Actually, it is not the matter. 0.5mm is allowed. However, it is the matter only if your eyes are sensitive. It does not the matter with your wrinkle. Please calm down.