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When will a stye go away?

I got an eye stye. I put hot compress on my eyes and also take some medicine that my eye doctor prescribed. Now, will the redness go away soon? How long need i wait for the disappearance of s stye?
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  • cap081291


    It has a lifecycle as other objects, thus it normal takes about one week for the stye to disappear. Because of a stye is actually caused by bacteria, virus and infection, you need antibiotics to treat it, and sometimes it would go away on its own. You can apply a hot and moist compress several times daily for 10 minutes each time to accelerate its disappear.
  • dale


    Since you have followed what the doctor tells you to do, your symptom is released for a while. The redness has released. Based on this situation, you may get recovery less than a week. However, there are some small tips for you. You should go on using the eye paste that the doctor suggests after its full recovery, in order to let them become in full.
  • Kimberly quick


    The redness will go away. But it is a problem of time. It depends on how serious of your stye is. If you only feel painful and just see objects vaguely, most of stye will be self-healing in several days or be cured after a simple dealing with natural treatments like what you have done. Meanwhile the chalazion will disappear slowly, but it may last about 1 month. Usually, we take measure to stick wet and hot compress on eyes to relieve the pain and diminish its inflammation. You insist on this and decide whether you need go to hospital asking for an eye doctor's advice or not. The time we suggest be 2 or 3 days. If it is really getting more and more serious, you'd better go for their help and accept the relative treatment in order to get a recovery.