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nini thi


how to really get coconut oil out of my eyes?

I went out and purchased a jar of pure coconut oil. And one night I used it to remove eye makeup, I used a cotton ball and I put a lot of coconut oil on the cotton, and as I tried to wipe of the makeup on my eyelid, put I accidentally squeezed the cotton ball, and ALOT of the oil got in my eyes... and I mean ALOT. I thought that it was okay... until about a week later I was outside with my family and I looked at my face with a pocket mirror and my right bottom eye lid was really swollen. I thought it was my makeup, so I stopped using it, but it still would swell up. But I noticed that my eyes would swell up when I am in the sun. I did some research about coconut oil and I see people saying that it is okay to use coconut like how? But I did noticed that my eyes would only swell up in the sun, so I researched and something came up about photo allergic eruption, which made alot of sense about why my eye swells up only in the sun. I guess the way to stop my eyes from constantly flaring when I have contact with the sun is to completely get the oil out of my eyes. The oil in on the surface of my eyes and also inside the bottom of eyelid. After I take a warm shower, the oil is more visible. Like you can actually see the melted oil. I try to wipe it, but I would end up hurting my eye. I tried everything to get it out, I tried to flush with water, wiping, but nothing happens. PLEASE how can I take the oil out of my eyes? I don't mean to sound desperate, but I would like to be able to be out in the sun without having my eyelid swollen.
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  • abbyabbie


    Coconut oil solubilizes or breaks up water-resistant substances used in eye shadow and mascara, releasing them from the skin and lashes. And it will not do harm to your eyes. But if you accidentally get it into your eyes, it will temporarily blur your vision and make your eyes swollen. Under this condition, you can use a ice pack to relieve your swelling. Moreover, actually the coconut oil was washed out of your eyes thoroughly. You just feel uncomfortable.