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carolyn stuit


Allergic Reaction to plastic frames

I am having an allergic reaction to my Coach sunglasses, it is only when it is 80 degrees or hotter. My skin (anywhere the frames touch my skin, behind the ears...nose upper cheeks) gets irriated and turns pink, I itch and then it burns. I do have psoarisis but none on my face and not much elsewhere. I have other sunglasses that don't do this and I have also worn sunglasses for years...please help!
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  • Thomas oliver


    Changing frame material is often the only solution for an allergic reaction. However, there is an inexpensive and easy way to get temporary relief. Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish on any part of the frame that touches your skin, such as the temples, also called "arms," or nose pads of your frame. The polish provides a protective barrier between your skin and the frame, but is only a temporary fix. The polish wears off in a few days but helps until you are able to go to your eye doctor or optician for a permanent solution to your frame allergy. Ask your optician to check your frame material and exchange the frame or nose pads for a hypoallergenic style if you suspect a frame allergy.