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What are the symptoms of a scratched cornea?

How can i tell if i get scratched cornea? What are the symptoms of scratched cornea?
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    You can tell scratched cornea by its following symptoms. One symptom of scratched cornea is that you may feel something staying in your eye. We can regard it as a distinct possibility. Also, your eyes would produce more tears and you may have blurred vision or even loss of vision in extreme cases. In addition, if you stare at bright light, your eyes would hurt.
  • estranged_soul


    If you get scratched cornea, you will feel the lasting pain and discomfort. The symptoms of scratched cornea are that when you open or close your eyes, you get a pain in your eyes and that you feel as if you have sand or gravel in your eyes and feel like tearing. Also, your eyes are red and sensitive to light. You may suffer from blurred vision or loss of vision. You may get a headache, too.
  • Gabriella rupert


    Well, generally speaking, when you have a scratched corneal, it is possible to have many symptoms. In common, you will feel painful in your eyes. Also, in some cases, your eyes will become red, irritated, even puffy. So just be careful about it. for your situation, you can just take some warm compresses to relieve your symptom. And then some medical medicine is also essential. Also, pay more attention to the eye infection, or it can just make your situation more serious.