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Does honey help eye wrinkles?

Can i use honey to help my wrinkles? Does it work to reduce the wrinkles around us?
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  • Jack percy


    Yet, it could help reduce wrinkles to some extent. Honey contains glucose and fructose. There are many kinds of nutrition in fructose, such as minerals, vitamin and amino acid. It is well known that honey has many functions, detoxification, diminishing inflammation, cellular reproduction ability promotion and moisturizing and so on. Let me introduce you a mask with egg and honey which can help relieve wrinkles. Stir an egg with a spoon of honey. Spread this mixture evenly on your face, especially the part with wrinkles. Wait for a few minutes until you fell your skin tightened. Wash the mixture off with water. This could nourishes skin and reduce wrinkles. You might found your skin tightened and sparking. When you do some other masks you add some honey too. I always put pearl powder, milk and honey together, to brighten my skin color, cleanse pores and tighten the skin. It is very helpful and natural mask, which is much better than any other cosmetics. At least I think so. Hope this can help you.
  • cruelladeville0


    Well, it seems that you are eager to protect your skin and make you appear to be younger. Anyway, it is good for you to resort to honey because it is natural and non-toxic. From what I know, it would be wise for you to mix honey and egg white, then apply the liquid on your wrinkles which could be effective. Also, you should try to get some vitamin pills and get a healthier diet and some exercises.
  • Alexandria giles


    You can use honey to reduce your wrinkles around eyes, especially mixed with some others. Firstly, you can eat honey with a little shredded ginger, which can be a known treatment for eye wrinkles. Secondly, you can apply it around your eyes with a little lemon juice and an egg white. After 20 minutes, you should wash it gently.