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Jason lester


How to choose ski goggles that fit properly on you?

I have several pairs of ski goggles but they often fall off when I am skiing. I am deciding to get a new one. How can I make sure they fit on me?
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  • Nicholas carter


    To get a pair of suitable ski goggle, you shall choose one that must be fit for your face perfectly. Have a try ans take the time to adjust the strap to your head. If the strap is a complete pain to adjust or the buckle doesn’t stay in adjustment, you shall not buy the ski goggle. Again, the foam should be thick enough to cushion your face when you fall.
  • gerard


    When trying on a pair of goggles place the strap against the back of your head, pull the goggles up over your head and forward so that they are held an inch or so away from your face, relax your grip and allow the goggles to move back horizontally until they settle against your face. Are they comfortable – not just at that moment, but will they stay comfortable when worn for a whole day? Are there any pressure points? A little pressure now may be bearable, by the end of a day skiing or boarding it may not be quite so easy to dismiss. Is the foam scratchy or abrasive? Do the goggles form a soft but snug fit all round? Are there any gaps? If there are, try a different pair. Gaps will let wind and water in, freezing your face and making your eyes tear. Pay attention to the strap and buckles. Are the buckles placed so that they don’t dig into your head? Do they provide sufficient adjustment. Do the goggles stay firmly in place? Does the strap irritate your skin? Is the frame too stiff? Frames that are too rigid are uncomfortable and my contribute to injury during a fall.