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Can I have mirror coating on my prescription glasses?

I wonder if I can add mirror coating to my prescription glasses.
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  • John Rodriguez


    Of course, you can. Having a mirror coating is a fashionable feature to add to your glasses lens. A benefit of having a mirror coating is that it helps reflect the glare of the sun and protects the eyes from the suns harmful UV rays. The mirror coating only work on standard sunglasses such as: gray, brown, and G-15 tints, polarized lenses. They will not work on transitions, drivewear or clear lenses. We offer the following mirror coating options; Silver, Blue, Gold and Red.I just love the color and I personally think a Silver mirror coating would look great in this style frame. There is no right or wrong mirror coating to have applied to your eyeglasses, it is whatever color you think looks the best and fits your stylish personality!
  • emily_xoox


    Basically, you can add mirror coating to your prescription glasses. But most people prefer to add mirror coating on their sunglasses tinted lenses. So, maybe you can also choose Tint and mirror coating to your prescription glasses so as to achieve good look.
  • walentynka


    Sure. When you go to your optician to have your prescription glasses made, you can ask them to add mirror coating to both sides of your glasses surfaces, which will make you feel more comfotable.