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Can i cry after cataract surgery?

After taking a cataract surgery, can i cry?
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  • R.


    How many weeks I cannot cry after a cataract surgery
  • R.


    Can i cry after cataract surgery
  • Ethan


    You can't cry which may cause your eyes to become dry. It is so dangerous for your eyes to become dry after the cataract surgery which may cause a lot of eye diseases. You should have a good rest for your eyes, and do not use computer and watch tv often which may let your eyes get tired.
  • chopperkriss


    Why are you cry? After taking the cataract surgery, you should take careful of your eyes to help it heal as soon as possible, You should not watch TV and computer screen within two weeks. And you should not rub your eyes within 30 days after the surgery. If you feel pain and itches and dry eyes that makes you want to cry, you can solve this problem buy get some prescribed medicine or eye drops. Good luck.

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