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How to make eyes look less bulgy?

My eyes slightly bulge out from my eye sockets and i think it look ugly. What can i do to make my eyes less bulgy.
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  • Eric rupert


    In order to solve your problem, the first thing you need to do is figure out what is the reason. There are so many possibilities to cause bulgy eyes. Firstly, it may be aroused by diseases such as thyromegaly. If so, you need to go to doctor and take medicine, As soon as your kill the disease, you eyes will look better. Secondly, myopia is also a common reason of bulgy eyes. In this situation, you may take a laser surgery to cure you myopia as well as bulgy eyes. The last possibility is that you get bulgy eyes from your genes. If so, no medical treatment will work and you shall consider about making up. There are a lot of ways to cover that. The easiest one is to wear a pair of frame glasses. You can choose stylish frame glasses to make yourself fashion. For girls, cat-eye shape glasses will make you sexy and attractive. For boys, round eye glasses make you a gentleman. And girls also do make-ups. Dark color eye shadow, colored contact lenses, eye lines, all of these will give you charming eyes. You can learn to make them works. By the way, try less light colored eye shadow; they will make your eyes like floating on your facing.
  • Debra Havel


    If you want to make your eyes look less bulgy, you can try to use some remedies to reduce the bulgy eyes. Or you can try the best quick way-makeup to make your eyes look less bulgy. You can appropriate use your eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara to make our eyes look less bulgy. Remember to buy dark shades of brown or black when you choose eyeliner and eye shadow.
  • Ghassan S.


    I want to know the reason of slightly bulge that out from your eye socket. Usually, there has two way lead to this symptom, one is myopia even pseudomyopia, eyes fatigue will lead to these symptom. Take eyes exercise and massage will remit the symptom, even make up will help the appearance right away. The other reason may be hyperthyroidism, in this situation, I suggest you go to hospital to check the level of thyroxine, if it is, you would have some medicine which recommended by doctor to release asthenopia. The last reason of it is ethmoiditis, this one must cure by surgery.