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Caitlin lee


How to make eyes look less hollow?

I get hollow eyes and my eyes are sunken? What can i do to make my eyes look better?
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  • Trinity rose


    Probably, it is not about your eyes, it is about your skins. Refer to medical theories strictly, it is not a disease. It is just a natural facial figure of human beings. It is just like people have different hair color. But if you are troubled by your sunken eyes a lot or it really brings inconvenience to your life, you can change that with some medical method, for example, plastic surgery. The most popular way to solve your problem at the moment is inject fat in your eyes. This kind of surgery is simple and with less risk. It will raise your eye ball to a proper position so that your eyes will look better. For most of this kind of surgery, doctor will take fact of your own body so that it will lower the risk. As eyes are very important and sensitive organ, you shall go to a professional hospital so as to guarantee that everything will be fine.
  • Jonathan griffin


    To completely solve the problem of hollow eye look, you shall first know what make your eyes look hollow? If you are underweight, hollowness of eyes can be happen, you can solve this problems by gain weight. Besides, sleep deprived can also caused eyes look hollow. If so, you shall get enough sleep each night. If you do so, your eyes will look less hollow as time goes by. Also, you can use cosmetic measure to help you reduce the hollow eye look. But it just for a temporary look.
  • b1eedingthrough


    In your situation of getting the hallow eyes, you'd better not stay up late at night. Or else, it may deteriorate the situation. You'd better not smoke, drink or other bad habits of living. You could also use the makeup, like the eye shadow, to beautify the eyes which will look better.