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Isabelle garcia


What is the highest index lens for the eyeglasses?

if I were to order a frame,what is the highest index lens that I can obtain that is still polarized the what percentage darkness would that have? I live in Arizona,so I am very concerned with darkness.but I also have a -8 prescription,and do not want heavy glasses……
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  • alva


    As everyone knowns that the higher the index lenses, the thinner the lenses are, however will still depend on your prescription. You mentioned you have -8.00 script, this is considered high/strong. I suggest get 1.67 index, but I think this is not available option for Polarized lenses but is available in Tinted lens.
  • Bernadette Korey


    To my way of thinking there is more higher than 1.67 index, my dad has a very high prescription., he is currently using 1.74 index lens.
  • Debra Havel


    Regarding to your question, you can use 1.67 index lenses. Actually, there are 1.70 index lenses. However, personally I think 1.67 index lenses are enough for you and you can also get polarized lenses. If the sunshine is very strong, you can choose the 60% tint or 80% tint. Personally, I think 60% tint is enough. Hope this helpful.
  • chocolate_cute


    Personally I know that the highest index lenses are 1.90 index lenses. However, according to your prescription, I think 1.67 index lenses is enough for you. If your eyes are not so sensitive to the sunshine, I kindly suggest you do not choose high index polarized lenses, because these kind of lenses are more expensive than others. The high index polarized lenses are hard to find and a lot of eyeglasses stores does not offer this kind. Hope this helpful.