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Is crying too much bad for your eyes?

I punished my little daughter because she is too naughty. She has kept crying for 3 hours. Will it cause damage to her eyes?
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  • ebernardino


    Almost every knows that crying too much will cause eyes appear read even swollen. So, it must be a bad action to our eyes. In fact, when you crying, it will cause the unbalance of some components that build up the health of your eyes. If you often crying, the eyes would not have time to recover and your eyes will become more worse. Anyway, crying too much will ruin your beautiful eyes. So, it is not a good habit of crying too much.
  • walkendeath


    Yes, too much crying is bad for your eyes. There are enzyme killing bacteria in our tears to keep our eyes from being infected. When you blink, the tears are spread to every corner in our eye to keep it moist. But too much tears will upset the balance. The eyes would not have time to recover and the situation might get worse. When you cry too much, your eyes become dehydrated so they become dry and red.
  • Mark


    Not exactly, the tears are composed of a number of layers, and there is a mucus layer comes from the eye itself; and the watery layer produces by a gland above the eye. When you are crying, the tears belong to the watery layer. If you are crying for a long period, the muscle would be fatigued, and your eye vision would be blurry. However, the tears can help the people to export toxic substances.
  • arnold


    Yes. Although everyone's lacrimal glands are developed differently, someone has more tears or others less, but if one cries too much, the protective layer on the surface of cornea will also be damaged by those too much tears, and even lead to swelling and inflammation of the eyes. What is more, over-crying can also hurt our stomach, that is why we often feel hungry or ever uncomfortable in our bellies after violent crying.
  • walkamong123


    Crying can make your eyes very uncomfortable, and cause them to become puffy/swollen due to the extra fluid that is absorbed, but I honestly do not think this can damage your eyes in any way, crying is an entirely natural process. My facial rosacea is so severe that if I cry, I get purple bruising with the swelling around the eye, which looks very alarming, but even this fades completely after a few days and causes no permanent damage.