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What sunglasses are good for a roman nose

I have a roman rose, i just wonder what sunglasses will look good on my nose?
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  • eddy


    For a person with roman nose, some sunglasses would sit too high on the nose. Sunglasses with adjustable nosepieces might be the great choice for them. For appearance, big fame would suit for their style. Most of famous brand, like Ray-Ban, Oalkeys or Rudys, design adjustable nosepieces sunglasses. Go and get one for you.
  • Isabelle garcia


    When you choose sunglasses, you needn't care too much about your nose shape. You should pay more attention to your face shape, skin color and personality. Generally speaking, ray ban aviator sunglasses is a good choices for people with roman nose. You can also try to buy some big lenses sunglasses that match most people. Good luck.
  • Miranda clark


    The roman nose is beautiful. You could try the ray ban sunglasses which will be so cool when you are wearing it. And the quality of the ray ban sunglasses is so durable that may be worn for many years. In addition, you could buy it from the online store. The price there may be suitable.

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