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Where can I buy a pair of sunglasses which offers some sweet bonuses like free worldwide shipping, 365-day “no question?

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  • 04/12/2012

    many online store offer free worldwide shipping ,but the shipping method may be regular post ,registered post or express .some stores will only provide free shipping only if you pay certain amount of money for the goods .make it clear before you decide to buy . as for the 365-day “no question", many sellers have such logo ,but I think it is not reliable .
  • Michael?


    You can input "free worldwide shipping sunglasses" or "365-day no question sunglasses" online. I know that sometimes many online eyeglasses stores will hold some activities and celebrations. You may find some sunglasses of free worldwide shipping. But as to 365-day no questions, I have only seen that in some Chinese website. I haven't experienced that before so I don't know it. You can also search that online. Good luck!
  • Robert murphy


    I have found this answer from other website. I have open all of the following websites. yes, some of them offer an discount, some of them offer bonus. You can have a look. So I copied that information for you. Hope you can find what you want. Some discounted sunglasses Three styles of Neo Sunglasses Two styles of Twins Sunglasses One style of Morpheus Sunglasses One style of Agent Smith Sunglasses One style of Trinity Sunglasses One style of Seraph Sunglasses

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