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Anyone used glasses2you?

If anyone has used glasses2you then could they please post up a review of their experience? I'm thinking of going with these people to get some new reading and distance glasses. I've seen a couple of pairs on their website that I like the look of. The only thing that is putting me off is that I read on another forum about lot's of bad customer experiences. I know that people only post the bad things about companies so it would be comforting to hear some good things before I make my purchase.
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Answers (2)

  • Dazza


    The glasses I purchased from them 6 months ago have fallen apart. First of all the screw came out of the arm but I managed to replace it. Then, a few weeks later, one of the lenses popped out. My dad managed to get it back in but it keeps coming out ever since. It's a shame as I bought 2 pairs from them and the other pair are fine!
  • David garcia


    I ordered some specs from them last year. I think I paid around £70 for mine and they are pretty good. The lens fell out after a few weeks but I just got my local Specsavers to put it back in. I still own the glasses now and will probably buy another pair from them again this year.