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Are horn rimmed sunglasse in style now?

I saw a pair of round horn rimmed sunglasses in a small boutique and the design is quite unique. I like it very much but there is so few people wearing such glasses. i wonder if they are in style now.
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  • Guava


    Sure. Horn rimmed sunglasses become popular these days. They are one of the most fashionable sunglasses inn recent years. Horn rimmed sunglasses frames are made of horn. They have different kinds of patterns. People with horn rimmed sunglasses on look sexy and kind of wild, so they are especially popular with women. If you like the style of horn rimmed sunglasses, you can go to the store and try them on. If they look good on you, then you can get that kind of sunglasses.
  • Richard


    Horn rimmed sunglasses are always in the fashion in recent years. There is so few people wearing it because they can't get good look from it. Round horn rimmed sunglasses, as one of an classic style retro vintage sunglasses, come back into fashion now. But they round shaped make it limit their customers because these sunglasses may more suitable for people with rectangular face. So, some people have to give up the sunglasses. If you have a thin, small or rectangular face, you can try such round horn rimmed sunglasses.