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How to prevent myopia in children?

My child's vision is keeping declining now and I don't want him to wear glasses finally. How can I prevent myopia?
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  • Cameron giles


    Many children get myopia because they don't take good care of their eyes. Nowadays, most children do too much close work. For example, more and more children prefer playing computer games and they usually stare at the computer screen the whole day without break. Or some children often sit close to TV set to watch their favorite program for a long time. In this case, their eyes are easy to get tired and then after a long time they will get myopia. So children should take good care of their eyes to prevent myopia. They should not watch TV or play computer for a long time. They should take regular breaks to keep their eyes away from the screen while watching TV or playing computer.
  • Pete


    In order to prevent myopia for children, parents shall help them form good habit in their daily life. In details, parents shall control the hours of reading, or playing computer and all near vision activities. When the engage in some near vision activities, you shall remind them have a regular eye break. And children are suggested to sit properly when reading or writing. And parents should check the home light to ensure give them good environment for reading. And tell your kids that not to read or write in the dark.