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Do you think guys wearing white glasses cool?

I have a pair of white framed glasses and i thought they looked cool on me. But I can't find any other people wearing white glasses. How would you think guys wearing such glasses?
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  • Vivid


    It must be a unique person and have his senses of fashion. In fact, i have saw people look cool in white glasses. Since there are only a few of people that wears white glasses frames, some people may think that wearing white glasses are strange for their different looks from others. However, not all people can look cool with white glasses. these glasses may more suitable for people with fair and fine skin color.
  • Zoe may


    That depends on whether the white glasses look good on you. I've seen some guys wearing white glasses in the street and I found they look vey cool. Actyually, only a few guys wear white eyeglasses. And more women prefer wearing white glasses because women with white glasses on look more cute. However, in my opinion, some guys with white glasses on look kind of special and cool. So as long as they look good on you, you can wear white eyeglasses.

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