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Kaylee peters


Are there home remedies for corneal edema?

Is it bad to suffer corneal edema. Do you know any good home remedies to treat corneal edema? Any suggestion?
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  • bell


    Of course it is bad to get corneal edema. No disease can make us feel good. Cornea is a transparent dome-shaped tissue covering at the front of eyeball. It is extremely sensitive with full of nerve ends and without any blood vessels. Cornea is a powerful medium, and contributes a large part of refracting power of focusing. Many problems can cause cornea conditions, and usually corneal edema is the result of endothelial Fuchs' dystrophy. Endothelial Fuchs' dystrophy is hereditary, and it is more risky for women instead of men. The features of corneal edema include swelling and corneal inflammation. The treatment varies based on different causes of this condition. If the corneal swelling is caused by incorrect wearing of contact lenses, then you should stop using the contacts until you are healed. If it is caused by increased eye pressure, take some measure to lower the pressure, such as eye drops. If the it is caused by post-surgery complication, then talk to your doctor and take medications he/she prescribed for you, such as antibiotics. If the swelling is only happened to epithelial layer, then common salt solution is good enough which you could handle at home. If it develops to severe situation, corneal transplant is recommended.
  • Alexander david


    It is so bad for you to suffer the corneal edema which will make your eyes feel uncomfortable and painful. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom. In addition, if it is serious, you could accept the surgery to cure it. The corneal edema has two types. Its characteristic is swelling or the inflammation of the cornea that might lead to eye infections, eye diseases, postoperative complications or contact lenses long time use. The corneal is the clear, transparent and dome structure in the front of the eyes which covered an adult corneal about 0.5 mm thick. It includes five main aspects, namely epithelial cell layer which is the outer part and has regenerative power, the former elastic layer which is the hard cover, substrate layer which belongs to the thick collagen fiber layer, elastic layer which is the thin layer and endothelial cell layer which is the single cell most inside a thick layer of. With many corneal nerve endings, this is very sensitive on the contrary. Since you have the corneal edema, you'd better treat it carefully through the medical or surgery to avoid other eyes problems.
  • b2sweet16


    Well, first, you should know that the cornea is a protective domed layer of clear tissue covering the front of the eye. According to some experts, if you have corneal edema, the cornea becomes overly hydrated by accumulated fluid. In common, some symptoms such as blurred vision, visual disturbance will occur, when you have corneal edema. One of the major ways to treat corneal edema is to pinpoint the cause of the condition and treat it under the care of an eye doctor. In common, if it's caused by an eye infection, you can take some eye drops to treat the infection. Also, if the problems are related to contact lenses, you can just console it with your doctor, and he can give you some advices. For the causes, it includes infection, glaucoma, post-operative eye changes, trauma, poorly-fitting contact lenses or overuse of contact lenses. Anyway, you should pay more attention to it.