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I have a lot of sunglasses and nowhere to store them

The question that I have many sunglasses and I have nowhere to store them.?(In cases not because they are grated one another, in bags or small boxes for glasses not, in the morning to go to choose some I can not see) should be in a place easy to choose an
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  • 04/14/2012

    you have to buy little boxes where you can fit ONE PAIR OF GLASSES (the boxes may be the gift boxes).?toadas put tiny boxes with their corresponding pair of glasses each in another larger box.?to avoid having to open all the boxes to find a pair of glasse
  • Brittany


    Dear friend. You can put your sunglasses in a cloth bin. You can choose the bin that has many grids. What you need to do is just wrap your sunglasses with a piece of clean cloth and then put it in a grid. They will not scratch each other in this way. And then place the bin in the place where you are available. So every time you just need to find the bin and you can find your sunglasses.
  • Allison


    Are they prescription sunglasses or plano sunglasses? I need a pair of plano sunglasses. My parents won't buy a pair for me. But I really want to have one. If your sunglasses are plano sunglasses and they are in good condition. Can you seed me a pair of them? I have a case which can store glasses. If you are willing to give me, please let me know.
  • Dawn C.


    You don't have cases to stores your sunglasses? It's unbelievable. The optician will give a case for free every time I bought a pair of glasses. Why don't you have those cases? Er, maybe the optician is too mean. Or your sunglasses are too cheap so that the sellers won't give out cases for free. But don't worry. You can buy some cases to store your sunglasses. I think you can find the cases in any optical stores. Good luck!
  • Miranda clark


    You can choose the one you like and place them at a noticeable place in advance. And then you can put them on the next day morning. Usually I will put what I need near my bed in the evening. Next day when I get up, I can put on my coat and take those things with me directly. Hope this helped!
  • anderson


    You can have a check of all your sunglasses. If some of them are old and have severe scratches, you can throw them away. I often throw old things away to make place for new ones. I think 3 pair of sunglasses will be enough for a summer. I think you can find a place to store 3 pair of sunglasses.

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