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Can teething cause eye infection?

Is it true that teething can cause eye infection? How teething affect the eyes?
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  • Dawn C.


    Yes, it is true that teething may cause the eye infection because the teeth nerves and eye nerves are interlinked. Thus, you should not ignore the role of the teeth which is the small part of the body. When you have the teeth problems, your eye nerves will be intense too which will be weak and easily get the bacterium in the eyes. That is how it gets the infection.
  • Kelly


    Well, yes, teething can lead to eye infection. Generally speaking, teething can lead to disorders in your eyes, and then it can cause eye infection in your eyes. At that moment, your eyes will be red and itchy. Sometimes, pink eyes may occur too. By the way, it can lead to watery eyes too. You should know that if your tear glands are disordered because of teething, it may develop dry eye syndrome, leading to watery eyes. So just go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible. Or it can be dangerous.
  • eeniemeenie005


    As a matter of fact, it is tue that sometimes teething could give rise to some problems with your eyes such as swelling eyes , painful eyes or some other problems. However, generally speaking, it would not lead to eye infection. Since teeth are closed connected with our brain and eyes, sometimes teething could cause eye problems. Just take it easy, if the problem goes bad, just see a doctor.

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