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Katelyn smith


Can color blindness cause other health problems?

My child is color-blinded. Would he suffer other health problems that is caused by color blindness?
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  • classiccarguy89


    There is little chance that color blindness can cause other health problems. Because color blindness is caused by a separated inherited defect of the light and color receptors of the eye. It will not cause any other problems in the body.
  • Mike


    Color Blindness is most commonly caused by genetic factor. It is usually sex linked, and more common in males. But it can hardly lead to additional vision loss or total blindness.
  • Shelby rodney


    To be honest, it is an inherited defect, so it won't any health problems in your body. If you get color blindness, you should be careful with the risk of some external hazard in your environment because you are unable to detect them due to the color vision defect.

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