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Why do my eyes get red when i sleep?

I noticed that my eyes were red when i went to sleep. why? What causes it?
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  • David cook


    I feel very sorry about your problem. In general, red eyes are closely connected with swelling and dilated blood vessels which make the surface of the eye look red. Possible causes of red eyes vary from time to time. You just said that during sleep your eyes would become red. Perhaps this is due to lack of rest and sleep continuously. Or more seriously, I should say you probably have suffered from vernal conjunctivitis or more specifically epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. Epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis is quite a serious eye disease which is infectious and widespread. So do not take your red eyes for granted and go to the eye doctor and have your eyes carefully examined to avoid more threatening problems in the following days.
  • etilnus


    Your redness of the eyes may be caused by the eyes infection. You may feel uncomfortable at the eyes because of the dryness which is caused by the lots of use in front of the computers. You need to take care of your eyes. You could use the eyes drops to make the eyes feel comfortable. You could also do the warm compress to release the symptom.