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Erin rupert


Can i watch tv with dilated eyes?

I noticed that my eyes dilated. Is it OK if i watch TV right now? Or it is bad to my eyes?
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  • elizabethandzoe


    You can watch TV, even though your eyes can't recover soon in this case. The eyes dilate When you walk into a dark place to allow more light into the eye. Once your eyes dilated, you can close them for a while, then massage your eyes. Open your eyes a few minutes later. In order to avoid the dilation of eyes, you need to cover your eyes with your hind every time when you move form dark place to a bright place.
  • exotic_scents


    Well, in my opinion, you can watch tv and it can be fine. But on the other hand, you should not overuse your eyes through watching tv. Generally speaking, when dilated pupils occur, the black part of the eye will be bigger than normal one. And you will feel painful in some cases. And at this time, you should avoid overusing your eyes, or it will just make your situation more serious. And in common, for the treatments, it is important to apply cleansing eye drops to get rid of any foreign particles. Also, you can try some cool teabags, and just put them on your eyes, maybe it can be effective. Of course, cool cucumbers can be used too. And if you watch tv too much, you may suffer high blood pressure too. And then it is possible to make your situation worse. Anyway, just be careful.
  • Dylan duncan


    As we know, the dilated eyes could be temporary because of shock or amazing impression. However, the eyes infection could also cause the dilated eyes. At this time, you need to have the good rest for the eyes to release the dilated eyes. It is not ok for you to watch TV right now which will not be good for the release of the dilated eyes. You need to close your eyes and make them have the good rest.

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