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What's the best glasses for your eye color?

Can you tell me what's the best glasses for different eye colors?
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  • William clive


    I have black eyes. I think many kinds of glasses can go well with black eyes. I like blue glass frames. I bought a pair of blue glasses last week. They look great on my face. Plus I also have black hair, so definitely blue glasses are one of my best choices. Sometimes, I will choose a pair of black glasses. Black framed glasses are very popular. I think they go well with all kinds of eye colors. Hope this helped!
  • Victor Lee


    Different people have different opinions on what glasses are best for what eye colors. I suggest you to find out the best glasses for your eye color by yourself. Use the Virtue Try-on System to find your best glasses.
  • Michelle


    I suggest you to select a pair of glasses that are close to your eye color because this will reinforce your natural palette and create depth. But if you want to choose a kind of color that is contrast to your eye color. This will provide a more dramatic effect and will make your eye color pop. So I think all the frames can go well with different eye color. If you want to know which one is best for you, you must take other factors such as hairstyle, hair color or face shape into consideration. Hope this helped! Good luck!
  • Connor


    I know that the people who have blue eyes can wear grey or blue tones of glasses. The colors such as mineral, cadet or dusk can be good choices. You can also choose tortoise and rich browns or try bolder tangerine and bittersweet. I heard that they are suitable for blue eyes too. Hope this helped!
  • b3phoenix


    I have green eyes. I often choose a pair of brown glasses. It is said that green eyes pair perfectly with rich earthy colors such as gold or brown tones. I agree with that in some degree. But I haven't bought a pair of gold glasses. If you find that gold can match green eyes perfectly, could you please tell me? I want to have a try too. But now I have three pairs of glasses, I won't buy glasses in this year. I just want to know more about this. If you want to give a contrast to your eye color, you can choose opal, blush or purple frames. Hope this can be useful to you!
  • Cathy Dailey


    I have hazel eyes. It is said that hazel eyes will change color according to different situations. But I think you can say that hazel eyes will reflect different colors other than change colors. But I think this theory works with other kinds of eye colors too, while hazel eyes have more apparent reflections than other kinds of eye colors. I often choose malt or brindle glasses.
  • christy9589


    I have brown eyes. My optician told me that brown eyes play well with warm tones such as mahogany, tortoise, military chartreuse or fern. I have a pair of tortoise glasses and a pair of fern glasses. All of my friends told me that my glasses look great on me. Plus I'd like to remind you that you also need to choose the style that goes well with your face shape when you consider buying a pair of glasses. I think her suggestion is reliable. You can have a try!
  • Allison walker


    When it comes to eye colors, playing off your eye color can have a subtle influence on the overall look of your glasses. Selecting frames close to your eye color will reinforce your natural palette and create depth. Choose contrasting colors for a more dramatic effect that will make eye color pop. For blue eyes, coordinate with blue and grey tones such as Cadet, Mineral or Dusk. For contrast go with rich browns and tortoise or try bolder Brindle Fade. Hazel Eyes look right at home in deep greens and grays. To bring out the gold flecks in hazel eyes try colors like Amber or Brindle fade. Green eyes pair perfectly with rich earthy colors in brown and gold tones. Shades of pink like opal and purple tones will give greater contrast. Brown eyes play well with other warm tones like Sepia, and greens like Olive or Chartreuse to provide contrast.