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Can glaucoma cause red eyes?

I have glaucoma and my eyes appear red. Why? Can glaucoma cause red eyes?
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  • Christopher giles


    There are many reasons causes red eyes, including disease and everyday causes, such as irritation, infection glaucoma and coughing, crying, lack of sleeping. So, it's also said that anything that irritates the white part of your eye can cause red eye. And there are many treatments for red eyes as follows: 1. If the red eyes caused by dry eye, try to insert artificial tears to make your eyes more comfortable. 2. If you can not find any medicine at hand, Apply cold compresses to closed eyes about 10 minutes to help reduce fluid retention around the eyes. 3. If you have eye allergies, appears as your eyes are red, and tearing and itchy, you can take Antihistamine, a kind eye drops which are available over the counter. But if your red eyes become worse, you'd better see your eye doctor right away.
  • Jennifer


    Glaucoma will damage the optic nerve , which carries information from the eye to the brain, is in the back of the eye. There are three types of glaucoma: open-angle glaucoma, closed-angle glaucoma and congenital glaucoma. Actually closed-angle glaucoma can cause red eyes. If you are closed-angle glaucoma, you may also see colored halos around lights, have red eyes, or feel sick to your stomach and vomit. Different types of glaucoma have different symptoms. is a site that can help you kowe more about glaucoma.