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Why do my eyes become yellow after drinking yesterday?

My eyes are yellow in this morning. My father said it is because i drank too much last night. But i have no other symptoms. No pain, nothing. Why? What causes the yellow eyes?
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  • William clive


    Yes, drinking may cause your eyes become yellow. But I'm wondering that whether you drink often. If you drink often and your eyes become, maybe your liver is sick now. But this is just what I guess. If your eyes do not be OK after several days, you should go and see a doctor. Hope your eyes will be well soon!
  • Eugenia W.


    The yellowing of the eyes is a sign of very serious disorders. According to your description, your yellow eyes are caused by too much drinking. As we all know, drinking too much alcohol will hurt your liver. They will cause the liver to function incorrectly. Usually, it will cause alcoholism resulting in cirrhosis, scarring of the liver etc. And the illness of the liver will make your eyes appear yellow.
  • cutechaldochick


    I wonder whether once you had some problems in liver and gallbladder. Eye become yellow in part causes of that. The white of the eye (the inflammation of the sclera) is just one reflection of diseases. What we often say is to treat disease from its root. Here it is known as the treatment of the liver or gallbladder. And your yellow eye will disappear naturally. Meanwhile, after drinking too much, the wine will induce a quickening of the blood. You may tend to get the eye bloodshot and feel tiredness. When you meet these symptoms, keep relaxed and had better go to one normal ophthalmology hospital so as to have a detailed check and a completed heal.
  • Bi